Thriving Business

Getting Candid: The Insecurities, Challenges, and Fears We Face as Coaches and Business Owners

August 22, 2023 Dr Kate De Jong & Sam Morris Season 1 Episode 11
Thriving Business
Getting Candid: The Insecurities, Challenges, and Fears We Face as Coaches and Business Owners
Show Notes

In this episode, Kate and Sam dive deep into the world of business ownership, vulnerability, and the reality of running a business. They openly share their insecurities, challenges, and fears as coaches and business owners, shedding light on the behind-the-scenes struggles that often go unnoticed and are mostly not talked about. Join them as they discuss the complexities of imposter syndrome, the value of experience over formal education, and the rollercoaster ride of revenue generation.

Episode Highlights:

  • The power of vulnerability and sharing real experiences
  • The most downloaded episode on menopause, showcasing the importance of discussing relatable and real topics we all struggle with but don’t talk about.
  • The decision to share insecurities and challenges in this episode, revealing the reality of running a business.
  • The experience of investing in mentoring and business coaching to elevate thinking,mindset and approach.
  • The rollercoaster of cash flow, investments, and overcoming glitches in systems that affect lead generation.
  • Imposter syndrome and how it can be triggered by unexpected events, leading to self-doubt and questioning expertise.
  • The balance between formal education, experience, and the evolving nature of business.
  • Navigating the world of speaking gigs, setting fees, and the ever-present challenge of imposter syndrome.
  • Exploring the two types of businesses: Traditional and thought leader practices, and how they impact growth and overheads.
  • The challenges of participating in coaching programs that promise results but may not align with individual values.
  • Sam's new program designed to guide individuals through different stages of business growth.
  • The psychology of pricing, value perception, and the dilemma of setting fees for services.

And so much more!

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