Thriving Business

Cindy Kennedy from the Centre for Sass & Soul on Standing Up and Speaking Out

August 30, 2023 Dr Kate De Jong & Sam Morris Season 1 Episode 12
Thriving Business
Cindy Kennedy from the Centre for Sass & Soul on Standing Up and Speaking Out
Show Notes

In this episode, Kate sits down with transformative leadership coach Cindy Kennedy in a candid and insightful conversation about the journey of finding your voice, embracing vulnerability, and speaking your truth in professional environments. Cindy is a motivational coach and keynote speaker who shares her personal experiences, from discovering her authentic self in a coffee shop in her mid thirties to helping professional women find their voice and power. Get ready to dive into a conversation about embracing vulnerability, the transformational power of storytelling, and the importance of speaking your truth, especially in professional settings.

Episode Highlights:

  • Cindy's journey through adversity and overseas adventures that taught her to speak up and stand out — and ignited her fire to help all women do the same.
  • Cindy’s turning point of coming home to herself and re-establishing her identity as a keynote speaker, TEDx trainer, and transformational leadership coach.
  • How to identify natural leaders and those who naturally take on support roles, and how to nurture both.
  • Differentiating between pleasing and serving — a lesson for all women.
  • The impact of childhood conditioning and the journey to finding self-worth.
  • The significance of setting clear intentions and practicing speaking in various opportunities.
  • The creation of Cindy's program "Rise to Shine" and its evolution into the Center for Sass and Soul.
  • The concept of alignment and how it's a continuous process of self-discovery and growth and a commitment to your truth.
  • The power of sharing stories and how Cindy's work as a speaker, coach and TEDx trainer empowers people to find value in their stories.
  • The beauty of anchoring stories and experiences to find deeper meaning and wisdom.
  • The ongoing journey of deepening trust in oneself, others, and something beyond us to find your authentic power.

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