Thriving Business

Navigating the World of AI-powered Marketing

September 05, 2023 Dr Kate De Jong & Sam Morris Season 1 Episode 13
Thriving Business
Navigating the World of AI-powered Marketing
Show Notes

In this episode, Kate and Sam dive deep into the fascinating and rapidly developing world of AI-powered marketing. They share what AI marketing really is and how it can be harnessed for optimal results without falling into common pitfalls.

Kate and Sam share their personal experiences with AI in their businesses, especially in email marketing and social media content creation. They emphasise that while AI can provide a valuable starting point, it should be viewed as a tool to enhance human creativity, not replace it entirely. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Exploring what AI marketing means.
  • The potential and common pitfalls.
  • Kate and Sam share how they've used AI in their businesses.
  • AI in email marketing and content creation.
  • Balancing AI assistance with human creativity.
  • The importance of fact-checking and authenticity.
  • Crafting quality prompts for AI.
  • The role of AI within a broader marketing strategy.
  • Leveraging AI for productivity in headline generation and content rewriting.
  • Sam's approach to batching content creation during flow states
  • Kate's tip on preparing a content backlog for staying ahead

And so much more!

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