Thriving Business

Are You Running a Traditional Business or a Thought Leader’s Practice? A Powerful Conversation with Matt Church

September 25, 2023 Dr Kate De Jong & Sam Morris Season 1 Episode 15
Thriving Business
Are You Running a Traditional Business or a Thought Leader’s Practice? A Powerful Conversation with Matt Church
Show Notes

In this enlightening Thriving Business Podcast episode, hosts Kate De Jong and Sam Morris engage in a deep conversation with Matt Church, the founder of the Thought Leaders Business School. With over 15 years of experience, Matt and his team empower experts to bill $500K-$1.5M annually, working just 50-200 days with minimal staff. They're on a mission to help clever individuals overcome self-sabotage and achieve commercial success. Tune in to discover more.

Matt Church, the visionary founder of Thought Leaders Global, is a renowned authority in enhancing leadership in Thought Leadership, Speakership, and Motivational Leadership. An accomplished entrepreneur, bestselling author, and distinguished speaker, he's earned international recognition, including being among the top 25 influential figures in the global speaking profession. Matt's achievements include induction into the Australian Speaker Hall of Fame, the 2014 Australian Speaker of the Year title, and a spot among the Top 10 Motivational speakers worldwide according to E-speakers in 2015. He's also authored 11 impressive books to date.

Key Highlights:

  • Matt Church's journey: We delve into Matt's transformative journey as a thought leader, tracing his origins in the field.
  • Exploring "The Green Book": Matt's seminal work The Green Book, otherwise known as “The Thought Leaders Practice: Do Work You Love, With People You Like, the Way You Want” is a book that he gives away for free to build his list and grow his client base organically. Matt discusses his strategy of disseminating valuable free content as a powerful way to grow your business.
  • Traits of exceptional thought leaders: We discuss the qualities that define successful thought leaders. Matt dissects the three common obstacles that hinder individuals from realising their aspirations: a lack of clarity, the absence of a roadmap, and self-sabotage tendencies.
  • Breaking through the Green Belt: Drawing inspiration from martial arts, Matt and his team created The Revenue Ladder that describes the different levels from White Belt ($120K per annum) through to Black Belt ($720K) and beyond. His team have helped dozens of thought leaders reach the $1.5M mark through smart commercialisation of their ideas.
  • IP snapshot and codifying Ideas: Matt Church underscores the critical importance of efficiently capturing and codifying one's ideas. He introduces the concept of an IP snapshot, emphasizing the need to encapsulate insights without being bound to a specific mode.
  • The evolution from expert to authority: We delve into the evolution from subject-matter expertise to the coveted status of authority within one's field - a ‘Thought Leader’.

And so much more!

For those aspiring to become a Thought Leaders Practice, click the link below to learn more. 

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